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#3 | Cyborgs in Space [W/ Aaron Franz - The Age of Transitions]

February 19th, 2020

In this episode, we are joined with Aaron Franz, who is the host of the podcast, The Age of Transitions, and the author of the book, REVOLVE - Man's Scientific Rise to Godhood.  He also is the filmmaker of the documentary, The Age of Transitions.

We discuss the shocking history of cybernetics and cyborg research and development – one being the idea of recreating man for space in the form of a cyborg. 
NASA was interested in 1963.  Elon Musk has created the brain implant company, Neuralink.  What's next?  Trump's Space Force launching cyborgs into space?  All of this and more is discussed in a loose, yet documented manner with Aaron.

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A couple documents discussed in this show:

Cognition 2035: Surviving a Complex Environment Through Unprecedented Intelligence

Engineering Man for Space - THE CYBORG STUDY


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