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Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Hunting Parties - Ties to CIA

January 12th, 2021

In this hard hitter (conducted in 2017) we have guest, Judy Byington – a retired therapist who treated individuals victimized by satanic ritual abuse – provide specific details and exposes international Satanic ritual sacrifice rings.  

She has been doing this for decades – much before current whistleblowers.

She is a foremother of satanic/pedophilia exposure with the focus on bringing justice to these pedo-maniacs.

Judy delivers the hard facts and records that often fade away with time:  Everything from human hunting parties, to satanic ritual sacrifice by the Nazi C.I.A., to pedophilia by government bodies.

This historic interview is a definite sign-of-the-times and a wake-up call for those living in darkness.

Justice is here to stay and the Light has overthrown the ship of darkness, forevermore.

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