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#6 | Shungite to the Masses! [w/guest: Nancy Hopkins, www.cosmicreality.com & www.cosmicreality.net]

June 3rd, 2020

Purchase Shungite - click this link:  https://mysticalware.ositracker.com/159604/11616

Ex-electronics warfare military veteran and founder of the shungite devoted website, cosmicreality.net, and radio station, cosmicreality.com, Nancy Hopkins joins us to discuss the fascinating facts around the mysterious black stone, shungite.  The stone contained fullerenes, which attenuate harmful frequencies from electro-magnetic radiation.  Shungite has shown to be a very promising stone when introduced to beehives:  They thrive! 

Topics include: shungite, shungite beehives, electro-magnetic radiation, EMF protection, cell towers, karelia, russia, electronics warfare, the new great awakening

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